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Hot Girls Wanted On Netflix

Hot Girls Wanted is a very one sided argument presented by producer Rashida Jones.  There is no doubt from the beginning that the people making this movie are against porn and they are very biased.

The girls featured in this movie essentially dive head first into the porn industry with naive joy.  They receive very little mentoring or guidance.

Hot Girls Wanted is trying to make a point that any girl can get into the industry with the promise of quick money.  But in order to maintain a career they have to suddenly change into the more hardcore niche movies and that is just not true.  Many girls can make careers out of doing lesbian porn, or the more artsy porn sites.  There are even sites that feature only masturbation or only oral sex.  And of course there are many sites and studios that have feature scenes and movies that don’t represent the hardcore niches that Hot Girls Wanted show.

If all a girl cares about is making a quick buck and then leaving porn she will do those niche sites to make more money quicker but again that is a choice that is completely up to the girl.  The porn industry doesn’t force the girls to choose this method.  The porn industry presents these choices tot he girls and it’s up to them to decide what path they want to choose.

It’s ridiculous and frustrating to present the Porn industry as forcing these girls to make these choices.  Doing those niche sites takes a certain type of skill set and mental attitude.  That’s why they pay more.  For any girl to just jump headfirst into those niches just to make some quick bucks there is obviously going to be consequences.  To blame the porn industry for these girls naive choices is unacceptable.  These sites pay more because they are harder to do, it’s that simple.  If you want to go easier on yourself pick different niches.

There are many pornstars who are beautiful inside and out.  If you want to learn about the porn industry follow them on twitter.  Soveriegn Sire (@SovereignSyre) , Mercedes Carrera (@TheMercedesXXX) and Jessie Andrews (@jessieslife)  are very smart ladies.  Lots of girls are very funny like Summer Brielle (@SummerBrielle) and Karmen Karma (@KarmenKarma).  Honestly there are too many to mention.  Follow their blogs.  Read their interviews and then decide for yourself how the porn industry affected them.

Here are some quotes from some of the pornstars who’ve given their opinion about this movie.  I strongly recommend doing a search on Twitter for #HotGirlsWanted to see comments from the Pornstars themselves about this movie.

#HotGirlsWanted Comments

#HotGirlsWanted Comments

#HotGirlsWanted Comments

#HotGirlsWanted Comments

#HotGirlsWanted Comments

#HotGirlsWanted Comments

#HotGirlsWanted Comments

#HotGirlsWanted Comments

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Mad Max: Fury Road

Spoilers ahead

Mad Max: Fury Road was such an excellent movie.  More than just a popcorn movie because there was actual real characters that weren’t invulnerable could actually be hurt.  The characters weren’t fleshed out but that’s one thing that I loved about the movie.  I didn’t want Max to ask Furiosa how she lost her arm because I know that would have lead to a five minute story with Charlize Theron gazing into the sun trying to look forlorn while providing a ton of exposition.

Max’s flashback were weird but we don’t need to hear the story of how he let down his kid because we’ve seen it before.  Tom Hardy actually doesn’t have a lot of lines and what he does say is pretty basic.  The main story is about Charlize Theron’s character Furiosa and that’s just fine with me because Charlize Theron rocked this movie.  They seriously could have rewritten the story to make Max a girl and she would have done an excellent job.  She is that damn good.

The story was basic and that is okay because the stunts were rockin.  And I loved the lack of CGI.  Everything about the cars and the stunts were amazing.  I spent the entire movie with a huge smile, watching great stunts, and tons of action.

Great movie all around.

Mad Max Fury Road Review

Mad Max Fury Road

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