Blair Williams, Anya Olsen – Fantasy Massage – The Centerpiece

Blair Williams, Anya Olsen

When kinesiology major Blair Williams starts to give her petite friend a soothing back massage, it's much to the delight of Blair's peeping husband Aaron Wilcox. After Anya undresses, and Blair disappears to get some massage oil, Anya grabs Blair's phallic glass centerpiece and fucks her pussy with it like a dildo. When Blair emerges moments later with the oil, and catches her husband stroking his dick to Anya's masturbation, Blair is none too pleased with Anya for getting him started, and she tells her to finish him off. Anya gets to sucking Aaron's cock while Blair licks Anya's tiny ass and pussy. The threesome activity intensifies when Anya climbs onto his cock, and they both eat Blair's pussy. The girls take turns cumming on Aaron's hard cock, until he loses his load and cums in their mouths!

Blair Williams, Anya Olsen - <a href=
Fantasy Massage - The Centerpiece" width="300" height="200" /> Blair Williams, Anya Olsen - Fantasy Massage - The Centerpiece

Peta Jensen – Brazzers – The Final Exam

Peta Jensen

It is Johnny Castle’s final exam, and in order to become a fully accredited masseuse, he must leave his perpetually horny subject Peta Jensen satisfied. In short, Johnny’s future as a masseuse is in Peta’s hands. Luckily for Johnny though, Peta’s sexy body and massive boobies will soon be in his hands.

Peta Jensen - Brazzers - The Final Exam
Peta Jensen – Brazzers – The Final Exam

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Blair Williams, Layla London – Nuru Massage – My Bachelorette Party

Blair Williams, Layla London

To kick of her best friend’s bachelorette party, Layla London offers Blair Williams a relaxing Nuru Massage. When the bride finds out Nuru is a naked massage, she resists until her BFF reminds her how often they saw each other naked back in college.The nervous bride relaxes after a shower and a rubdown with oil. In fact, she’s really impressed with her best friend’s massage talents, and she can’t stop gushing over how great a body weight massage feels on the tension spots. Blair starts blissing out over the softness of Layla’s skin on her skin. But Layla’s rhythmic motions are making Blair very aware of her friend’s naked pussy, and how close it is to her own naked pussy. And when her pussy touches Layla’s pussy, a tension mounts that begs for orgasmic release. And before she knows it, the girls are engaged in a prenuptial lesbian fuckfest. Layla’s mouth is between Blair’s legs, slurping and lapping and tonguing away at her tasty pussy. Then Blair reciprocates, licking Layla’s succulent lesbian pussy till it shudders and cums.

Blair Williams, Layla London - Nuru Massage - My Bachelorette Party
Blair Williams, Layla London – Nuru Massage – My Bachelorette Party

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Sadie Holmes, August Taylor – Nuru Massage – Body To Body Massage

Sadie Holmes, August Taylor

August Taylor and Sadie Holmes lesbian tryst for Nuru Massage.  August Taylor fingers and licks Sadies Holmes juicy pussy.  Sadie Homes and August Taylor scissoring in the hot lesbian passionate scene.  Dripping pussy an big tits in this Nuru Massage scene for the hot amazing lesbians August Taylor and Sadie Holmes.

Nuru first timer, August Taylor has come for a full body treatment. Her masseuse, Sadie Holmes can hardly contain her excitement when she sees August and her bountiful bosom. In the shower, Sadie makes sure to lather up her massive boobs, getting August’s body nice and soapy so she can use her as her own personal slip and slide during the massage. August has no objections, especially when they’re laying in the bath together and Sadie begins massaging her tight pussy. With August’s approval she slips her wet finger into her pussy, gently sliding it in and out. Sadie continues to pleasure August’s body, this time taking full advantage of her big breasts and fingering her lesbian pussy. August decides to return the favor and licks Sadie’s hot pussy until she cries with passion, as her pussy juices drip onto August’s soft lips. Sadie decides it’s time for the final part of the massage, the one that keeps customers coming again and again.. She lathers August’s body with her own using the Nuru gel to it’s full potential. Finally, she positions herself onto August so that their pussies are touching, grinding them together over and over again until they both cry out in lesbian bliss, cumming over each other’s sweet wet pussies.

Sadie Holmes, August Taylor - Nuru Massage - Body To Body Massage
Sadie Holmes, August Taylor – Nuru Massage – Body To Body Massage

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Nina Elle, Cristi Ann – Fantasy Massage – Promo Shoot

Nina Elle, Cristi Ann

A Nuru Massage fantasy threesome with Nina Elle and Cristi Ann.  Both girls are eager to please each other and show off for Nina Elle’s stepson.  Nina Elle and Cristi Ann are fantastic in this massage threesome.

Nina Elle is taking photos today to promote her Nuru Massage business. She has a beautiful blonde masseuse lined up for the gig, but the male talent has backed out, and Nina’s wild idea to have her son (stepson) do the shoot with Cristi Ann has Cristi questioning her motives. It’s clear that Nina is an open book, ready to see just about anything so when Romeo shows up she has the two just go with the flow. She instructs Romeo to just lie there and let Cristi give him a massage. Nina instructs them to strip off, and immediately Romeo is reluctant because of how awkward it will be to be nude in front of his mom. Nina instructs them how she wants them to lie down, and look good for the camera. Nina takes the photos, as they move through the massage. Cristi isn’t quite getting the idea of what Nina wants, so Nina strips off her clothes and straddles her step-son’s body to show her what she wants to see. It’s clear Nina is getting a little horny while rubbing her massive tits over her son’s slipper ass. Cristi takes notes, and even jumps in to get some first hand instruction from the expert herself. Soon everyone is enjoying themselves and the two beautiful blondes discover that Romeo’s big cock is hard. Cristi asks what to do and without a beat Nina moves in to show her that rubbing it is the best solution, even sucking it could work. Romeo is scandalized, but the blondes begin using his innocent body to please themselves, showing him that their pussies and their warm mouths aid in the process of releasing his tension, finally they each take a turn riding his hard cock until he cums into Cristi’s wide open mouth, and she shares it with his mom, snowballing his wad between them, and taking last tastes of his softening cock.

Nina Elle, Cristi Ann - Fantasy Massage - Promo Shoot
Nina Elle, Cristi Ann – Fantasy Massage – Promo Shoot

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Nikki Benz, Dani Daniels – Brazzers – Let’s Get Facials 2

Nikki Benz, Dani Daniels - Brazzers - Let's Get Facials 2

Who is up for a slutty spa day for Brazzers starring Dani Daniels and Nikki Benz? The cheating brunettes get caught up in a hot foursome looking for Brazzers brand of facials at the spa. This fantasy massage with Nikki Benz and Dani Daniels is what Brazzers does best.

Nikki and Dani are trying out a new spa. They have no idea they're about to get a special treatment - one they'll have to keep secret from their boyfriends!

Nikki Benz, Dani Daniels - Brazzers - Let's Get Facials 2
Nikki Benz, Dani Daniels - Brazzers - Let's Get Facials 2

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Tiffany Watson, Stella Cox – All Girl Massage – Clit Inspection

All Girl Massage – Clit Inspection

Tiffany Watson, Stella Cox

Stella Cox is welcomed by masseuse Tiffany Watson for pain in a very erogenous zone. Stella removes all her clothes and lays on the table naked while Tiffany admires her clients huge natural boobs and silky ass. Tiffany rubs Stella’s body, covering her in oil but she isn’t hitting the right spot to mend this beauty’s pain. Stella turns on her back and Tiffany presses her fingers over her shaved pussy and her client indicates she is in the right area. Tiffany has Stella sit up as Tiffany rubs her pussy softly, but Stella didn’t come here for sexual favors. Tiffany’s charm assures Stella that she has a very special technique that will not only alleviate her pain, but will take her on a lesbian adventure and to fulfill a hunger they both clearly desire. Stella moans in sapphic bliss as she orgasms from Tiffany’s expert lesbian massage techniques until she experiences the pleasures in tribbing for the first time. They rub their moist pussies together vigorously until Stella’s soreness is long gone. To thank Tiffany for all her hard work, she spreads her masseuse’s legs and fills her mouth with the taste of her lesbian pussy for the very first time, enjoying every moment of her new found love for lesbian bliss!

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Tiffany Watson, Stella Cox - All Girl Massage - Clit Inspection
Tiffany Watson, Stella Cox – All Girl Massage – Clit Inspection

Dava Foxx – Fantasy Massage – I Do It For My Daughter

Fantasy Massage - I Do It For My Daughter

Dava Foxx

Brad Knight and his wife are trying very hard to get pregnant, and they've turned to the fertility clinic where his wife's mother Dava Foxx is the leading fertility doctor. Brad is nervous, knowing his mother in law is watching, and he desperately doesn't want to be the reason she can't have her precious grandchild. Dava is annoyed with brad when he returns from the private room empty handed. he tries to find a good excuse but he just can't make it happen. Dava gets close, wondering if maybe the reason he can't get it up, and cum into the test jar is because he's stressed. she touches him and he immediately flinches. she butters him up, making sure he's comfortable. Dava is desperate for a grand baby, so she goes as far as stripping him off and getting to work to take his hot sample on her own. She takes his cock into her mouth after a lot of resistance from her horny son-in-law. But eventually he agrees to let her deep throat his big cock before she shoves it deep inside her hungry pussy. Dava is so horny by this point that she wants his baby all to herself, begging him to cum inside her. when he finally does he feels so ashamed that he storms out.

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Dava Foxx - Fantasy Massage - I Do It For My Daughter
Dava Foxx - Fantasy Massage - I Do It For My Daughter

Cadence Lux – Nuru Massage – Through My Wet Clothes

Nuru Massage – Through My Wet Clothes

Cadence Lux

T. Stone knows Cadence will be game for anything he throws at her. At first he was nervous about requesting a specific outfit for her to wear, but Cadence has a little wild side, so his request peaked her curiosity as well. as the massage gets underway it’s clear that T. has a huge fetish for wet clothes, and Cadence enjoys the feeling of the soggy fabric against her soft skin. the thin flowing dress shows off every curve and body part with great contrast, peaking the desire they’re both feeling. The massage gets incredibly sexual and Cadence pampers her client to the fullest. soon she turns letting him fuck her wet panties with his stiff cock. In the bath, she continues to pamper her client, sitting on the edge of the tub, letting him play with her panties and her beautiful pussy underneath the sexy wet fabric with his mouth and fingers. unable to resist stuffing his cock deep into her throat, she falls to her knees. throughout the massage, Cadence continues to give her client exactly what he wants, sliding her milky white skin over his entire body, pleasing his cock and his mouth simultaneously. when she finally lets him shove that cock inside her wet pussy, she can’t wait to make sure he cums all over her bush, as she jerks him off, shooting his cum all over her pussy.

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Cadence Lux - Nuru Massage - Through My Wet Clothes
Cadence Lux – Nuru Massage – Through My Wet Clothes

Cassidy Banks – Fantasy Massage – Gambling Payback

Fantasy Massage - Gambling Payback

Cassidy Banks

Eric has been planning his weekend outing to a Vegas poker tournament for weeks now. He always has to play it safe with his wife Cassidy Banks, cause he promised to quit gambling. Maybe he did, or maybe he didn't tell her in advance, but he begs to go. Cassidy clearly, is not impressed, whether she knows about the game or not. Eric promises to beat the guys and take her to lunch, but it's just not good enough. Eric, walks away from a tense situation, knowing that the relationship hinges on his ability to win. Cassidy can't help being frustrated. She takes her frustration out by sunbathing. Steven St. Croix planned to come over and take a dip in the pool, and Cassidy starts to get ideas... Cassidy gets dressed in her lingerie to expose her massive breasts and when Steven comes back over, she throws herself at him, when he offers to help her relax with a massage, hoping he won't resist the bait. Cassidy gets to relaxing, and soon her breasts are in Steven's capable hands turning him on so that she'll have the chance at combating their loneliness. Steven kisses his neighbor's wife, and rips off Cassidy's panties, taking her clitoris passionately into his mouth to manipulate with his tongue. He whips out his hard cock for her to suck, before letting her climb on his face, and fuck his cock with her tits. She soon needs to take it further, and lowers herself over his stiff cock, allowing him to fuck her deep and hard until he cums all over her hairy bush

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Cassidy Banks - Fantasy Massage - Gambling Payback
Cassidy Banks - Fantasy Massage - Gambling Payback